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Libbey - Glass Farm Dispenser Glass 7 Liter (β)
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Portable & Rechargeable Juice Blender (380Ml / Blue) (β)Portable & Rechargeable Juice Blender (380Ml / Blue) (β)
Ramadan Disposable Arabic Coffee Cups (4 oz) (β)
Crisa - Irish Coffee Glass 236ml Set of 6 (β)
Cactus Shaped Dispenser (β)
Crystal Dispenser (β)
8.500 JOD
Crystal Dispenser (β)
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Orange Shaped Dispenser (β)Orange Shaped Dispenser (β)
Gisella Small Tea Boiler
3.990 JOD
Gisella Small Tea Boiler
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Madame Coco - Bridget Tea Glass Set 6Pcs (168Ml) (β)
IVV - Tea Pot 1.25 Litter Transparent (β)
Libbey - Gibraltar Twist Beverage 296ml Set of 6 (β)
Libbey - Water Goblet Glass 340ml Set of 6 (β)
Libbey - Pilsner Glass 340ml (β)
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Space Coffee Saucer (12Cm) (β)
1.880 JOD 2.500 JOD
Space Coffee Saucer (12Cm) (β)
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Madame Coco - Audrey Short Drinkware (Set Of 6Pcs) (β)
Lamart - Sport Water Bottle 500 Ml/Yellow (β)Lamart - Sport Water Bottle 500 Ml/Yellow (β)
Lamart - Sport Water Bottle 500 Ml/White (β)Lamart - Sport Water Bottle 500 Ml/White (β)
WMF - Barista Espresso Cup & Saucer with Spoon (β)
IVV - QB Tumbler 270ml Transparent Set of 6 Pieces (β)
Libbey - Espresso Glass 110ml Set of 6 (β)
A.S - Rose Mug (β)
A.S - Rose Mug (β)
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Libbey - Perfect Tiki Glass 591ml Set Of 4 Pieces (β)
Libbey - Pilsner Glass 355ml Set Of 5 Pieces (β)
Libbey - Bamboo Cooler Glass 473ml Set of 6 (β)
APS - Tea Box Transparent (β)
Dilmah - Double Glass Tea Pot With Glass Strainer
Gisella Large Tea Boiler
6.990 JOD
Gisella Large Tea Boiler
In stock
Lamart - Plastic Thermos With Glass Insert 1000 Ml (β)
Guzzini - Feel Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Blue (β)
Guzzini - Aqua Ice Bucket with Tongs Transarent (β)
Guzzini - Happy Ice Tong 16cm Transparent (β)
Guzzini - Tiffany Tall Tumbler 0.51 Liters Sand (β)
Leonardo - Illusione Cup 400ml Lila (β)
Leonardo - Illusione Cup 400ml Blue (β)
Leonardo - Illusione Cup 400ml Green (β)
Leonardo - Illusione Cup 400ml Pink (β)
Bugatti - Glamour Thermos Carafe White (β)
Libbey - Retro Cocktails 192ml Set Of 6 Pieces (β)
Libbey - Mug Glass 296ml Set of 6 (β)
Libbey - Z-Stem Margarita 247ml Set of 6 (β)

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