Reebok - Speed Rope (300 Cm) (β)

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- Workouts can be hard to get started. Mix up the traditional routines with the Reebok Speed Jump Rope. This home gym equipment is a quick cardio exerciser that you can use in the house, out in the yard, at the office, and more.

- Find a fun way to stay healthy. This innovative speed jump rope conveniently adjusts in length and measures up to 10-feet-long to accommodate all user heights and skill levels. The speed rope's easy-to-grab tapered handles offer a comfortable workout no matter where you are.

- Focus on your health and wellness in the comfort of your own home, backyard, or anywhere else

- Conveniently adjusts in length to accommodate all user heights and skill levels

- Features comfortable grip tapered handles to optimize your training

- Perfect for both circuit and endurance workouts for effective results

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