Dilmah - Gourmet Pure Green Tea + Pure Peppermint Leaves + English Breakfast Black Tea (β)

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Gourmet Pure Green Tea:
- A light and gentle green tea with a soft herbal note. Elegant, pale yellow with hues of olive when brewed, and a refreshing, pleasantly subtle aroma and taste.
- Ingredients: Green tea , 20 teabags.

Gourmet Pure Peppermint Leaves:
- Invigorating, rounded with a gentleness that leaves the palate refreshed and clean. Light, with a sharp minty character and an olive green liquor.
- Ingredients: Peppermint , 20 teabags.

English Breakfast Black Tea:
- The essence of Ceylon, a strong tea with a gentleness that is bordered by a firm character. Deep, reddish brown liquor. An ideal accompaniment to strong tasting food.
- Ingredients: Black tea , 25 teabags.

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