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- The Isee4 Is Extremely Comfortable, It Is The Top Of The Line Of Portable Eye Massagers, It Is Also 180° Foldable To Aid In The Portability And Storage. The Isee4 Massager Adopts Intelligent Air Pressure, Vibration, And Heat Compression Massaging Technology. Isee4 Also Comes With A Built-In Music Player With Pre-Recorded Nature Sounds To Further Relax You.

- Design Concept:
Isee 4 Wireless Massager Was Built With The Help Of Professional Designers It The Way That Is Absolutely Simple, Beautiful And Easy To Use.

- Virtual Hand Massage:
With The New Virtual Hand Massaging Technology In Isee4 You Can Massage Your Eyes With 3 Different Massage Modes, The Isee4 Is Designed To Relax The Muscles Around The Eyes.

- Warm Compress:
Warmth May Relieve Pain, Relax Muscle Spasms, Increase Blood Circulation, And Help Other Problems That Affect The Eye.
(Low 35C - 38C / High 39C - 42C).

- Intelligent Air Pressure:
Air Bags Inflates And Deflates Repeatedly That Helps To Get Rid Of Dark Circles.

- Multi-Vibration Frequency:
Isee4 Massager Comes With Three Vibration Frequencies That Are Designed To Relax The Muscles Around Eyes At Your Own Preference.

- Hf Magnetic Field:
The High Frequent Magnet Field Helps To Boost Your Metabolism And Stay Energetic.

- Built-In Music:
Listening To Music Can Have A Tremendously Relaxing Effect On Your Mind And Body. That Is Slowing The Pulse And Heart Rate, Lowering Blood Pressure, And Decreasing The Levels Of Stress Hormones.

- After Watching Tv: 
We Recommend To Use Isee4 Massager Every Time After Watching Tv For Healthier Eyes.

- Before Sleep:
We Recommend To Use Isee4 Massager Every Night Before Sleep. Enjoy The Relax Feeling And Music For Better Sleep.

- After Reading:
We Recommend To Use Isee4 After Reading. Rest A Bit And Reduce Puffiness Of Tired Eyes.

- In The Office:
We Recommend To Use Isee4 Massager After Computer Work For Preventing Computer Eye Strain.

- Enjoy When Traveling:
This Super Light And Foldable Isee4 Even When Traveling. That Helps Avoiding Fatigue From Travel And Makes You See The World Better.

إن أي-سي4 لمساج العينين من بريو مريحة جداً فهي مصممة باستخدام تقنية متطورة تقدم مساج مريح جداً للعينين، يوجد في أي-سي4 تقنيات الأكياس الهوائية الذكية والإهتزاز والتسخين، كما تأتي أي-سي4 بمشغل للموسيقى يساعدك على الإستراخاء خلال المساج. يمكنك طي أي-سي4 180° درجة حيث يساعدك ذلك من حملها وتخزينها بشكل جيد.


لاسلكية وخفيف الوزن، قابلة للطي ليسهل حملها وتخزينها أثناء التنقل والسفر.
ثلاثة خيارات لأنماط تدليك بضغط الهواء: القوي، المتوسط، الهادئ.
مدلك يعمل بالعجن + نقاط متعددة للتدليك.
بطارية ليثيوم قابلة للشحن.
سماعات مدمجة للإستمتاع بالموسيقى الطبيعية والهادئة.

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