Coverderm - Peptumax Serum Anti e-aging Face & Eyes Total Anti Wrinkle Care (20Ml) (β)

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- Revolutionary combination of active ingredients of advanced technology and peptides that mimic the skin's defense mechanisms!

- Peptumax fights all 4 main causes of wrinkles! e-aging Alpha-Glucose & Lespedeza Capitata Leaf / Stem Extract: two modern active ingredients of natural origin. They are a pioneering bio-complex with amazing, synergistic antioxidant action.

- Serum for fine lines & wrinkles

- Serum with extremely enhanced composition for the most intensive effective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, even the most intense, caused by age, facial expressions, photo-aging and e-aging.

- Deeply moisturizes the skin Visibly improves skin elasticity

- Hypoallergenic Ophthalmologically tested Clinically tested

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