DASH - Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker 1400W ( L135 x W 245 x H 242 )

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Make fresh, delicious popcorn in minutes with the Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker. The hot air system reduces added oil and quickly cooks up to 16 cups of fresh popcorn, great for gatherings large or small. The included measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray, so you can be ready to serve, movie-theater-style, the instant your popcorn is finished. Just measure the kernels and add them to the heating chamber, and push the button to start — even kids will be making delicious popcorn in no time!

Features & Benefits
Cooks up to 16 cups of fresh popcorn at a time.
Hot air cooks popcorn, reducing added oil.
1-touch start button.
Measuring cup doubles as warming tray for butter.
Non-slip feet for stabilization.
Includes: Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker, measuring cup, and recipe guide.

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