Dilmah - Tin T Ceylon Whole Leaf Green Tea (β)

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Enjoy real leaf tea with the convenience of a teabag. The silken bags are large and diamond shaped, to allow the leaves to unfurl and brew without restraint.

Tightly rolled and well twisted Ceylon Green Tea grown at around 1,600 feet elevation near the ancient city of Kandy. The infused leaf reveals a full tea leaf in each of the rolled leaves. The unfurling of the leaf and the flavour being imparted to the water is delightful to watch. The liquor is mild and gentle, with a touch of fruit, citrus and a fragrant, herbal finish. In the cup, a dark yellow infusion typical of a medium strength green tea. This is a unique Green Tea, displaying the skill of the tea maker in a gentle and slightly sweet tea that is the perfect accompaniment to fine dining.

Dark mottled greens, brow-blacks and blue-ash colours were found in the loose leaf with a good twist tending to be knotty. The infused leaf is open semi leaf of a khaki-green-red colour. In taste, this golden orange, green tinged tea offers a pointed smokiness in aroma. In the mouth, there is a ripe Brazilian nut flavour allied with a hint of sweetness. Then one senses the chewy tannins. Altogether a superb Ceylon tea of bold and persuasive demeanour.

Green tea , 20 teabags.

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