Facial Cleansing Machine + Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser (β)

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This aloe vera facial cleanser containing 92% refresh & moisture aloe vera and liquor energy finely selected from A.H.A.S. which is deeply touching metabolism of facial blood capillary. To use it day and night everyday can get rid of surplus grease with performance of deep cleaning, skin rinse, keratin removal, skin acid and alkali balance.

Key features:

- Brightens skin tone
- Controls oil & pH
- Mild & refreshing formula
- Thoroughly cleanses skin
- Helps to repair damaged skin cells
- Removes scars & dark spots
- Prepared by the natural aloe vera extract
- Removes dead skin cells & stubborn dirt
- Removes makeup without over drying skin

- facial cleansing brush: GENTLE, YET EFFECTIVE CLEANSE T-Sonic pulsations deliver the unique ability to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells, and exfoliate without irritating the skin. All it takes is one minute whenever your skin needs a deeper cleanse or relaxing massage to achieve fresh, even-looking skin.

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