Lofra - Built in - Oven (60 Cm)


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- Class A
- Oven dimensions : 60x60x55 cm
- Capacity 66 lt
- 6 functions
- Electric grill: the classic electric resistance grill for grilling with all the reliability and efficiency of the Lofra tradition.
- Rotisserie
- Door with 3 glasses, 2 of which reflective for less heat dispersion: it is formed by a semi-watertight chamber and a second one with current air drastically reduces the temperature of the external surfaces of the oven, guaranteeing safety and energy saving.
- Removable internal door glass for easy cleaning
- Digital touch control clock and knobs for program and temperature selection
- Tangential cooling fan
- Maximum internal temperature of the oven 280 ° C
- Maximum power consumption : 2.5 kW
- 2 telescopic oven runners
- 1 grill
- 1 tray
- "Easy to clean" oven enamelling: the inside of the oven is equipped with a special glazing with a high glass component that does not allow dirt to find grips on the surface of the oven, thus making cleaning and grease removal easier and complete and fats
فرن لوفرا غاز 60 سم بلت ان

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