Lofra - Oven + Electrical Built in (60 cm)


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multifunction electric with 9 programs
capacity 72l - Lofra ovens have a large internal space to be able to easily fit large-sized dishes
maximum oven temperature 250 u00b0 C
spit for chicken, guinea fowl etc. (optional)
electric grill - a classic grill with electric resistance necessary for grilling in accordance with the confidence and efficiency of the Lofra tradition
hot air - temperature stability is ensured by the fan. Optimal solution for dishes for which uniform heat supply and constant temperature are needed
the timer for cooking on and off
oven door with 3 glass layers, 2 of which are mirrored for less heat loss
all glass door to facilitate cleaning
retractable telescopic guides - they support the weight of trays, grids up to 15 kg, as well as perfect mobility inside the oven, without the risk of tipping over
easy to clean enamel - special enamel with high glass content. This solution does not allow dirt to settle on the surface of the oven, making cleaning and removing greasy marks easy
heat dissipation - through the air flow, forced through the ventilation, the cooker panel and the knobs remain "cool" even after prolonged use of the oven at high temperatures
فرن لوفرا كهرباء 60 سم بلت ان

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