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- 60 cm multifunction electric oven with glass finish
- Class A
- Capacity lt. 66
- Oven dimensions : 60x60x60 cm
- 11 cooking programs : traditional cooking, cooking from below, cooking from above, grill cooking, ventilated grill cooking, cooking from above with grill and / or fan, uniform cooking, ventilated cooking, ventilated cooking with resistance from above or from below
- Electric grill: the classic electric resistance grill for grilling with all the reliability and efficiency of the Lofra tradition.
- Door with 3 glasses, 2 of which reflective for less heat dispersion: it is formed by a semi-watertight chamber and a second one with current air drastically reduces the temperature of the external surfaces of the oven, guaranteeing safety and energy saving.
- Removable internal door glass for easy cleaning
- Touch control
- Digital electronic programmer, digital clock
- Tangential cooling fan
- Maximum internal temperature of the oven: 250 ° C
- Maximum power consumption : kW 3
- 2 removable oven guides : special guides that ensure to grids and trays, with loads up to 15kg, perfect mobility inside and outside the oven, without the risk of tipping over
- 2 grids
- 1 glazed tray

فرن لوفرا كهرباء بلت ان

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