Olaplex - Hair Perfector (No3. / 100Ml) (β)

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- Olaplex Formulas Seek Out Broken Bonds In The Hair (Which Are Caused By Chemical, Thermal And Mechanical Damage) And Repair Them, Restoring Compromised Hair To Former Glory.

- Olaplex Three-Step Ritual Is A System That Permanently Rebuilds The Damaged Disulphide Bonds In Your Hair – Which Are Compromised As A Result Of Colouring, Heat Styling And Everyday Wear And Tear. A Once-A-Week At Home Treatment, This Silky Fluid Reforms Shattered Hair Bonds In Between Your Salon Or Styling Sessions, So You Can Carry On Maintaining Your Favourite Hair Colour And Style Without The Worry Of Damaging Your Locks Beyond Repair.

How To Use:
- Apply To Damp Hair, Combing Through, And Leave On For A Minimum Of 10 Minutes Before Washing As Normal, Or Leave On Overnight. Can Be Used Alongside The Daily {No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo} And {No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner}.

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