Omron - Bf511 Body Component Monitor (Blue) (β)

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- to see how you are progressing towards your goal weight. If you want a
more complete picture of your body's condition than just weight, then a
body composition monitor is invaluable. Used regularly, it calculates
and records how your body is changing, ensuring you don't lose body
muscle when you're trying to lose body fat.

- Our BF511 is Omron's most comprehensive body composition monitor and
provides extensive insight in body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle
level, your BMI and resting metabolism.

- Keeping a healthy balance between fat, calories and energy is a major
component in maintaining good health and weight. Fortunately, with the
right information and a bit of support, it is not that difficult to

- 8 Sensors
- Body Fat Percentage
- Clinically Validated
- Skeletal Muscle

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