Sistema - MINI SKITTLE BOTTLE (385ML) (β)

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We all know how important proper hydration is, and plastic travel bottles are everywhere you look. However, not all bottles are created equal. While many bottles have a tendency to drip or leak, others are annoying to open and close when you're on the go. That's why plastic specialists Sistema have developed the Skittle bottle.

- Each 385ml Skittle bottle has an innovative, unique and patented 'Twist and Sip' cap that helps prevent leaking. It's also more hygienic than traditional pull up top bottles as there is no need to touch the spout when opening and closing. Worried about drops and spills? Don't be. - The grooved design makes it easy to grip and perfect for school, work, runs, walks and gym sessions!


- Patented 'Twist and Sip' design
- More hygienic than other sports bottles
- BPA free

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