Mama Sima Slime Kit (Age 4+) (β)



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Mama Sima slime kit is brought to you by Sima Najjar and YIPPEE! The kit provides a DIY process for easy slime making with simple calculated steps with all the ingredients you need available to get the kids enjoy their slime making and play time. This kit process will result in a slime of 70 ml without any additions, add the air-dry clay to get a buttery slime texture with bigger volume. 

Recommended age: 4+, to be done only under parental supervision

Small Contents:
- White glue 60 ML, activator solution, mixing container with lid, mixing stick, neon color, air dry clay, glitter
- Colors available: Green – Yellow – Pink – Purple – Blue – Orange

Large Contents:
- 4 White glue 60 ML, 4 bottles activator solutions, 4 mixing containers with lids, 4 mixing stick, 2 neon color, 4 air dry clay, 2 glitter
- Color combinations available: Orange & Green – Yellow & Purple – Blue & Pink

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