TCL - Washing Machine 8K 1200RPM Silver/Front Load + Free Steam Iron NI-E410TMTV


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The TCL 8kg front load washing machine - F608FLS features 16 wash programs. These wash programs are designed to take care of your laundry needs from start to end. Separate wash programs for different types of clothes ensure that each fabric gets the care that they deserve. The 16 wash programs include Prewash, Intensive, Spin, Super Quick, Drum Clean, Rinse+Spin, Bedding, Cotton, Sports-fitness, Allergy Care, Dark Color, Mix, Shirt, Wool, Synthetics, and Silk.

Featuring an inbuilt water heater this washing machine is capable of heating the water to up to 95 degrees which sterilizes your clothes and ensures complete protection. The hot water eliminates bacteria and germs from your clothes and delivers you germ-free, clean and fresh laundry.

Other Features include:

Sound off function
Universal Motor
Fault Check Display
Auto Balance System
Smart Unbalance Protection
Overflow Control
Overheating Control
Drum Clean

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