TXON - Cleaning Set Toy


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•Parents Love – When their little one gets involved and it so much fun when they can have tools that fit their body size, so they can be easily used the right way.
•We Feel – that children love to be involved and this toy can help any child feel special by being allowed to be a special helper or to work along with an adult or older sibling. This fun set can help create some fun times and encourage learning to help together.
•All pieces are durable made and sized for kids. This item is really cleaning tools for kids that really at the age of a toddler really want to help and be involved.
•Let clean-up time become play time as your child can act-out cleaning skills, The broom and brush have actual bristles for realistic functionality.
•Suitable and Safe for Your Kids.
•Help to make better life for Baby.
•Non-Allergy Material for New Born.

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