TXON - Glass Flip Top Beverage Bottle X Cm 26 X 6.5 CM

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Enjoy your drinks in these colourful, of this style, vintage glass bottles which will bring memories of your childhood back to life. Thanks to the metal clamp & seal, the bottles can be airtight sealed to preserve juice for a longer period of time. With various colours available these bottles will brighten up any table. PLASTIC CAPS: Elegant glazed plastic caps. STAINLESS STEEL CLOSURES: Thick and durable wire won't rust. Round base tapers to narrow opening. Swing-top closure with a white stopper. Dishwasher safe. 1L Glass Bottle. Airtight Swing Lid With Metal Clamp. You'll love the classic design and affordable price of our Blue Glass Bottle with Clamp Lid. Use it to store and pour cold beverages, to keep infused oils in, or even to display fresh-picked wild flowers.

Material : Glass.

Flip Top Bevarge Bottlle with Yellow Pattern 27*6.5

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