TXON - Ice Cube Bin Bucket Trays - 28 x 13.5 x 11 cm

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Food-grade safety Material: made of PP material.

Large capacity: 4 ice cube trays. Each tray makes 36 nice-sized cubes for a total of 144. Great for home use, parties, and bars, etc.

Multi-use: fill the trays with water, cover the lid on, and then slip the trays into the freezer. Besides water, you can fill the ice cube mold with fruits, ice cream, chocolate, jelly, soda, and wine to customize your favorite flavor

Easy ice removal: makes it easy to release ice cubes. Each flat cube compartment is separate from others so you can easily push from the bottom. No need for awkward bending or twisting and no more ice cubes slithering across your counter or Floor!

With small ice clamp, it is more convenient and elegant for you to take ice.

قوالب ثلج / تلج

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