VANISH - Liquid Stain Remover Pink (1.8L+ 500Ml Free)

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- Remove stains from your clothes with the Vanish Stain Remover liquid Pink. It will remove stains without damaging your clothes or dulling their color.

How to use:
Storage Conditions:
- Keep container upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Preparation And Usage:
- Machine wash: vanish liquid is effective at all wash temperatures.

- Front loaders: allow detergent powder to be washed into drum. Then add 100 ml vanish liquid to the detergent drawer whilst the water is filling into the machine.

- Top loaders: select the wash cycle and water temperature. Turn on machine. Add detergent and 100ml of vanish liquid whilst the machine is filling with water. Add clothes and wash as normal.

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