Dilmah - T Sachet Green Tea With Jasmine Flowers (β)

الرمز التعريفي: 8506-B

17.550 JOD

شامل الضريبة



Enjoy real leaf tea with the convenience of a teabag. The silken bags are large and diamond shaped, to allow the leaves to unfurl and brew without restraint.

A mild and delicate tea with pale yellow infusion and pronounced Jasmine aroma. Green Tea naturally enriched with the petals of Jasmine has been a favourite of the Chinese since the Southern Song Dynasty. The sweet smelling Jasmine flowers are mixed with Green Tea to naturally impart their fragrance and distinctive flavour. Jasmine is known for its soothing and warming properties. A delicious palate cleanser after strong tasting or rich food.

Bold broken dark green and olive coloured leaves with peach and beige jasmine flowers in it. Dry leaf has distinct jasmine aromas. The unfurled infused leaf has saturated olive green colour, contrasted by the pale jasmine. Yellow-orange with green tinge liquor. A medium bodied tea with the freshness of green tea aromas (typically hay) and tastes intermingled with the floral attributes of jasmine blossoms of early evening. A delicate tea with a captivating taste.

Green tea, Jasmine Petals , 50 teabags.

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