Dilmah - T Sachet The Original Earl Grey Flavoured Black Tea (β)

الرمز التعريفي: 8511-B

15.130 JOD

شامل الضريبة



Enjoy real leaf tea with the convenience of a teabag. The silken bags are large and diamond shaped, to allow the leaves to unfurl and brew without restraint.
The legend of Earl Grey Tea is one of politics and intrigue. When a British diplomat saved the life of an official of the Imperial Chinese Court, tea enhanced with the peel of a special variety of orange, and its recipe were given to Charles, 2nd Earl of Grey, also then the Prime Minister of England. The tea that became known as 'Earl Grey Tea' combines tea with the flavor of bergamot. This original Earl Grey Tea offers a rich and strong brew, enhanced with oil of Bergamot; it is a distinctive and unique flavor. Tasting notes - Tight twisted deep blackish with brown and purple leaves. Without doubt, a distinctive tea with body and a steady personality
Black tea, Bergamot Flavour / Black Tea , 50 teabags.

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