WMF - Butter Dish with Cover (β)

الرمز التعريفي: 10109216030

26 JOD

شامل الضريبة



Butter Dish Stainlees Steel with Plastic Cover L 16x1cm. This simple butter dish fits on any table beautifully set. Dishwasher safe. A butter dish not only looks better than the butter with their package simply lie on the table- with proper butter dish butter stays fresh longer. The floor is usually a flat- elongated shell having a recess in the form of a piece of butter. Butter Dishes with thicker soils save the cold of the refrigerator longer and keep the butter outside cool longer. The lid of a butter dish usually sits loosely on the bottom of the can and provides adequate protection from flies and other influences.

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic

Color: Transparent

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