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Illy - Y3.3 iperEspresso Coffee Machine - Black
Illy - Ground Espresso Coffee Decaf (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Pure Camomile Flowers Herbal Infusion (β)
Dilmah - Premium 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Earl Grey  Black Tea (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Pure Green Tea (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Green Tea With Jasmine Petals (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Green Tea With Moroccan Mint (β)
Dilmah - Pure Peppermint Leaves (100 Tea Bags)
Dilmah - Tag Early Grey Black Tea (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Ginger And Honey Flavoured Black Tea (β)
Dilmah - Double Glass Tea Pot With Glass Strainer
Dilmah - Tea Maker Private Reserve Glass Teapot With Strainer
Dilmah - T Caddy Lapsang Souchong (100G)
Dilmah - T Pure Chamomile Flowers Herbal Infusion (β)
Dilmah - T Green Tea With Jasmine Green Tea (β)
Dilmah - Gourmet Lemon Black Tea (β)
Dilmah - t Ceylon Whole Leaf Green Tea (β)
Dilmah - Tag Ceylon Green Tea (β)
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Dilmah - T Sachet Rose And French Vanilla Flavoured Black Tea (β)
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Dilmeh - Silver Jubilee Gourmet Pure Chamomile Flowers
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Dilmah - Silver Jubilee Gourmet Infusion of Blueberry
Dilmah - Closed Presenter (Small / 6 Slots)
Dilmah - T Sachet Closed Presenter (12 Slots)
Dilmah - "T" Cup & Saucer
6.960 JOD
Dilmah - "T" Cup & Saucer
In stock
Dilmah - Double Wall Glass Mug
Dilmah - T Series Tea Mug & Saucer With Lid
Dilmah - Double Wall Glass Cup With Saucer
Dilmah - T-Experience Tray
23.200 JOD
Dilmah - T-Experience Tray
In stock
Dilmah - Closed Presenter (Large / 12 Slots)
Dilmah - Closed Presenter (4 Slots)
Dilmah - T Sachet Closed Presenter (6 Slots)
Dilmah - T Series Tin Presenter (9 Slots)
Dilmah - Double Wall Glass
7.660 JOD
Dilmah - Double Wall Glass
In stock
Dilmah - Founders Reserve Presenter (9 Slots)
Dilmah - T Series Porcelain Teapot
De’Longhi - Genio S Plus Automatic Capsule Coffee Maker
De'Longhi - Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25L - Black
Braun - PurAroma Coffee Maker
128.890 JOD
Braun - PurAroma Coffee Maker
In stock
Buran - Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel
Braun - Multi Serve Coffee Maker
Dilmah - T Sachet Sencha Green Extra Special (50 Tea Bags)
Dilmah - T Caddy Pu-Erh No. 1 Leaf Tea (100G)
Dilmah - T Caddy Single Estate Assam (100G)
Dilmah - English Breakfast (100 Tea Bags)
Dilmah - Pure Camomile Flowers (100 Tea Bags)

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