Dilmah - T Moroccan Mint Green Tea (β)

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Gentle and at the same time stimulating and aromatic. Pure Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea with Peppermint leaves. A pleasing all natural combination of gentle Green Tea and the sweet fragrance of peppermint leaves. The olive green Hyson leaf is tightly curled but opens when infused to reveal the full tea leaf, yielding a medium strength amber liquor which is embraced by peppermint to produce an aromatic and zestful tea. The elegance of this Ceylon green tea with the minty 'coolness' of the peppermint leaf, makes this a perfect after dinner tea.

The dry leaf appears as an attractive mosaic of green – in essence, curled bold leafy green tea mixed with flaky medium sized mint leaves. Full leaf with flakes, yellow green (cooked yellow colour) with minty aroma in the infused leaf. A medium bodied tea of honey coloured liquor and with an elegant texture. The subtle flavour of herbs and mint are present on tasting. Good balance of aftertaste from the right mix of the mellow tasting green tea with the soothing but subtle mint. A racy and refined tea.

Green tea , Peppermint leaves

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