Dilmah - T Sachet Supreme Ceylon Single Origin Black Tea (β)

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Enjoy real leaf tea with the convenience of a teabag. The silken bags are large and diamond shaped, to allow the leaves to unfurl and brew without restraint.

Ceylon Tea was recognized as the finest since the late 1800s when its bright, full bodied teas made tea and Ceylon famous throughout Europe. There was good reason for this as the island produces teas to please every palate - from the earthy and rich low elevation teas, to the light, delicate high elevation teas. This Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe is the quintessential Ceylon, offering body, brightness, structure, strength and colour; the features that made Ceylon the home of the finest teas.

Deep brown leaf, small broken leaf with orange flakes. Dark coppery and reflecting brighter tones of brown. A distinctive tea that is translucent and in colour, its solid red-brown coloured liquor is reminiscent of aged sherry. There are aromas of honey, straw and melon. An uplifting and expressive black tea taste with a good upfront finish.

Black tea , 50 teabags.

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