Hisense - Refrigerator 355L + Freezer Single Door Finish 260L


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Hisense 356 Litre Upright Freezer Single Door Finish Silver Model FV356N4ASU -1 Years Full & 5 Years Compressor warranty.Hisense refrigerators have an independent temperature control system that allows the storage areas to be adjusted to the optimum temperature for each food, thus helping to prolong the quality and nutrients of the food for longer.The Multi AirFlow System provides an even distribution of cold air, reaching every corner of the refrigerator and allowing food to quickly reach the optimum storage temperature.The Super Freeze function ensures fast and stable freezing of food added to the freezer. Food keeps better and will stay nutritious for longer. Hisense seeks in all its products to improve the sound level, offering our customers the best results according to the product category.

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