Omron - E3 Intense Pain Reliever (β)


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- Omron E3 Pain Reliever is a device without medicine having for function to reduce and to relieve the muscle pains or located at the level of the joints.

- Triple Action TENS Technology (transcutaneous electrical neurostimulationà helps to reduce the pain, triggers endorphins (natural analgesics) and improves the blood circulation (via a repeated effect of contraction and muscle relaxation).

- It is easily transportable for a regular use at home, work or in travel. The pre-programmed modes for the shoulders, back, arms, legs, feet, joints thus 3 massage modes. It offers a mode of fast treatment of 15 minutes. The patches can be used up to 150 times.

- Box content: Main unit, belt clip, electrode cable, electrode holder, long life electrodes, soft case, batteries, instructions for use.

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