Samsung - A13 Mobile 128GB Black

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The Samsung Galaxy A13 128GB Blue has a large battery and is suitable for basic use. This smartphone is used for WhatsApp, internet and light games like Wordfeud. You can perform all these activities without worrying about the battery. Indeed, the 5000 mAh battery gets through the day with average usage. You can comfortably watch the latest news or a video on the large 6.6-inch Full HD screen. Due to its large size, it is difficult to control the Samsung A13 with one hand. On the back are 3 cameras and a depth sensor. This sensor creates a depth of field effect in your photos. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, tall buildings fit perfectly into the frame of your photo. The 64 GB storage memory is not very spacious. Do you have many apps on your smartphone? In this case, choose the 128 GB version of this device. Do you mainly want to store photos and music? In this case, increase the storage capacity with a memory card of up to 1 TB.

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