Weva - Foldable Laundry Basket Ringo

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- Make the trip to the washing machine less of drag with this laundry tote. With a fun design, breathable canvas material, coupled with a thick rubber padded aluminum that is comfortable in your hands, this is one stylish tote you wont mind toting your dirty laundry while you making your way to the laundromat.

- This roomy laundry bag is perfectly sized for a week’s worth of traveling and is a compact in size and lightweight, offering a perfect alternative to the bulky and obtrusive laundry hamper.

- Perfect for stashing your week’s worth of clothes with room to spare for few laundry accessories yet versatile enough to collect that small messy pile of kids toys, this multipurpose laundry hamper is perfect for students and the entire family

- The tote is equipped with two rounded handled with soft, padded grips along the center to take the strain off your hands while transporting your laundry load to any destination

- The handle offers a comfort, rubber grip aluminum handle to make lugging your laundry load to and from the laundry mat a breeze

- Made of thick, breathable canvas material, this stylish laundry bag maintains its shape on its own even when empty

- Material: 100% Polyester

- Size: 38 * 71H cm

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